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How Ozitel Works

Two-Way radios haven’t changed, right? Think again… With the new technology, Push-To-Talk, you can break through the boundaries of traditional Two-Way radio.

What is Ozitel?

Ozitel is an Australian Owned and Operated Push-To-Talk Server allowing large and small teams to communicate over large areas without the need for costly infrastructure. Ozitel takes advantage of the existing cellular infrastructure put in place by Telcos, this means if you have a cellular connection then Ozitel will work. If you have no connection to a Cellular Network then some terminals are fitted with 2-way Radios.

Today’s remote or frontline workers sometimes work in harsh environments, under noisy conditions such as construction sites and now are requiring even greater and expanding distances. Though cellular phones come in handy, they do not provide the functionality required to manage and support remote workers such as secure connections, GPS tracking, emergency alerts, ease & quick communications.

“Ozitel offers all of the above plus more”

How It Works

Push-To-Talk (PTT) is the latest advancement in Wide Area 2-Way Radio Systems, enabling communications with more users in a clear and secure manner. PTT offers instant Australia Wide coverage using Multi Network 4G/5G/LTE SIMS. Using Australia’s 3 major networks, Push-To-Talk allows you to talk to one person or an entire Group of Users instantly.

Push-To-Talk offers interoperability across borders and technologies, keeping you in touch over wide areas without the need for expensive repeater systems. Features included such as GPS can track all devices to keep you in touch with your team in real-time resolving management hassles and streamlining operations.

Ozitel Networks Diagram

Ozitel System Requirements

Ozitel App

Android based Tablet or Smartphone (Android 4.3 or higher)


Ozitel Dispatcher

Recommended Configuration: CPU Core i3, RAM 4Gb, HDD 500Gb, OS Windows 10 or higher.


Network Bandwidth Usage

Voice PTT Narrow Band (8KHz) 16KBit
Voice PTT Wide Band (16KHz) 24KBit
Voice PTT Super Wide Band (24KHz) 32KBit
Voice PTT Full Band (48KHz) 56KBit
Video PTT Calls 512KBit

Voice PTT sampling rate is defined in Server Settings – We can modify these for your application