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Press-to-Talk Logistics Solutions 

A powerful Push to Talk solution for the Logistics Industry

How Can Ozitel Be Used With Logistics?

Ozitel is a powerful Press-To-Talk (PTT) radio solution that is configurable to suit the Transport or Logistic Industry.

Geographically dispersed logistics and transportation companies must have always-on, always-available communications. Logistics companies require real-time access to critical workforce, cargo and transportation data to operate efficiently and profitably. In addition, with the logistics industry facing more demand than ever, every link in the chain needs to be well connected.

Press To Talk Logistics

Ozitel Press-to-Talk allows your drivers, warehousing staff, and managers to be connected. In addition, your team will be connected and able to make voice calls and instant messages, make video calls and view the GPS Location of team members.

The key features within Ozitel PTT that can be used are GPS Tracking and Instant Press-To-Talk.

GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles are in an instant

Talk Instantly

Communicate with team members at the push of a button.


Set up Geo Fences to get alerts when a driver enters or leave an area.

Emergency Alerts

Be alerted instantly to a team member in distress.

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