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Ozitel Press-to-Talk Dispatch Console

Download the Ozitel Press-to_talk Dispatch Console

Ozitel Press-to-Talk Dispatch Console

The Ozitel Press-to-Talk Dispatch Console is a Windows-based application providing Dispatch Capabilities to users connecting to an Ozitel User Network. The Dispatch Console can be installed on any Windows machine and used to remotely connect to the server allowing it to be used anywhere.

Press To Talk Dispatch Console

Feature Spotlight

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring with the Ozitel Dispatch Console allows you to keep an eye on your remote teams, whether it be location, voice calls, or video. This feature is excellent for large workforces with small remote teams as it allows a single dispatch operator to watch over multiple teams at once.

From your Dispatch Console, you can remotely monitor and manage your team’s emergency alerts and location. This helps keep your team safe.

Feature Spotlight

Guard Tour

With Guard Tour in Ozitel you can create routes and patrols for your team to follow. Each route can be assigned to an individual with every point being a GPS Location or an NFC Tag. The event will be ‘triggered’ either by physically being at the location, (if it’s a GPS Location), or from being tapped with the device (if an NFC location).

These types of patrols work well for large teams with a large area to cover. Each route can have various attributes assigned such as timescale to complete, order of completion, or a ‘free’ patrol where each location needs to be checked at any time and in any order. Security teams with specific client locations really benefit as Ozitel will keep a record of when your personnel visited the location.

With our OziTag NFC Tag Manager app you can configure NFC tags to operate with your routes. Each tag can be assigned an ID. In places where multiple people may need to tap a tag at once, for example a gate, multiple tags can be placed with the same ID.

Dispatch Console Guard
Press To Talk Dispatch Console GoeFence

Feature Spotlight


Geofences are now being used in many types of businesses, from transport to sales. In short, a Geofence is a physical area defined on the Ozitel Dispatch Console that has various triggers. The triggers include entering, leaving, entering & leaving, and speed. A transport company can use this feature to detect when a user is at a certain location, for example, a warehouse. By using the speed and entry conditions you can alert supervisors to a user speeding in a certain area, this helps to educate drivers and reinforce safety.

A Geofence can be as big or small as you wish, spanning from buildings to states.

The Ozitel Dispatch Is Packed With Features

Group Call

Easily communicate with a group


Create Geo-Fences to monitor groups

Emergency Alerts

As a dispatcher, you can be alerted to emergencies in your team

 Console Dispatcher

AES 256

AES256 Military-grade encryption your data and transmissions are secure

Admin System

Change the settings of your organisation