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Ozitel Press-To-Talk App

Download the app onto an Android or iOS device.

The Ozitel App

The OZITEL Push-to-Talk app is an instant mode of communication as it facilitates the team members to talk or communicate with the entire team by just pressing a button. Employees can communicate on an unlimited basis without having to worry about call charges. The only charge is either the Ozitel monthly charge per radio (can be around $14 per month per radio depending on numbers *) Also the conversations are secure and encrypted.

The team members can share confidential documents, files without worrying about security incidents, as these apps are monitored and tracked efficiently. The Ozitel Push to talk app currently supports Android devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even rugged devices. If you already have devices for your team, Ozitel can integrate seamlessly into an already solid workflow.


Suitable Devices

  • Android based Tablet or Smartphone (Android 4.3 or higher)
  • Apple Iphone is coming soon.
  • All Delta LTE Brands
  • Motorola (Lex-11 and some selected devices)
  • Hytera (selected devices)
  • Sonim
  • Ruggear
  • Body Cameras (Android)
  • Plus Numerous others coming soon

Voice PPT

Voice PPT

Voice calls are made like on a professional two-way radio. Press the button to start talking immediately without confirmation from the receiving party. Available for individual and group communication.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Ozitel has GPS tracking capability to determine the location of the fleet member. Two options are available: single request or time-lapse request with periodic location updates at regular intervals. A location request can be applied to both a single user and a group. WalkieFleet supports Google Maps and OpenStreetMap for location tracking.


Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alerts

Emergency and Man Down alerts, emergency receivers, high priority emergency call, on-screen SOS button in the mobile client are defined in customizable emergency profiles. An emergency report in the dispatch console shows detailed information about all emergencies for a given time interval.

Video PPT

Video PPT

Walkie-Talkie communication is powered by video transmitted together with the voice. Send a real-time video of the surroundings by pushing the video to transmit button. Available for individual and group communication.

Over The Air Programming

Over The Air Programming

The Ozitel dispatcher can remotely modify user configuration settings and send them updates. This allows you to keep more devices on the road without having to physically handle them to push updates. The app update window can be configured to ensure all devices are able to update. This ensures shift workers' devices are still eligible for updates.




Ozitel messenger allows real-time exchange of text messages, images and files. Messenger is available for both private conversations between individual users and communication within the group.

Use On Dedicated Devices

The Ozitel Press-to-Talk (PTT) App supports many dedicated devices designed to make communication easier and second nature. These devices are more rugged and functional than traditional mobile phones as they offer dedicated buttons for push-to-talk and emergency alerts.  PTT dedicated devices allow multiple functions to be performed by one device, reducing cost, and administrative burdens increasing mobility of the workplace.

Packed With Features

Group Call

Easily communicate with a group

Direct Call

Call a single person for a private call

Emergency Button

When in distress you can use the built-in emergency system to alert a dispatcher to your location adn situation

GPS Tracking

Keep track of your team by locating them instantly on the built in map

Button Mapping

Map a PTT and Emergency hardware button to trigger software events


AES256 Military-grade encryption your data and transmissions are secure

Call Log

Keep track of recent calls and listen back to missed calls

NFC Patrol System

Great for patrols, you can visit an NFC tag to alert people to you status

Configurable Settings

Configure your app your way