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Press-to-Talk Hospitality Solution

A powerful Push to Talk solution for the Hospitality Industry

How Can Ozitel Be Used In The Hospitality Industry?

Ozitel powerful Press-To-Talk radio solution is configurable to suit the Hospitality Industry.

Today, virtually everyone – from the smallest hotel to the largest resort can benefit from press-to-talk (PTT) across their entire operation, for PTT brings the immediacy and spontaneity to connect personnel. With our software, your hospitality operations will keep all teams in sync, all day and through the night.

Ozitel enables managers to connect directly with relevant workers like food and beverage service, housekeeping, security, engineering, spa, grounds, transportation, and front desk teams.

Key features within Ozitel that are of value to the hospitality industry include GPS Tracking, Instant Press-To-Talk, emergency, etc.

GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles are in an instant

Talk Instantly

Communicate with team members at the push of a button.


Set up Geo Fences to get alerts when a driver enters or leave an area.

Emergency Alerts

Be alerted instantly to a team member in distress.

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