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Press-to-Talk Security Solutions

A powerful Push to Talk solution for the Security Industry

How Can Ozitel Be Used In The Security Industry?

Ozitel is a powerful Press-To-Talk (also known as Push-to-Talk) radio solution configurable to suit the Security Industry.

Ozitel offers excellent group and individual calls as well as Guard Tour. The Guard Tour feature can be used to monitor designated routes and patrols. From the Dispatch Console, you can configure the Points Of Interest (POI); these points can be triggered either by an NFC tag or by the GPS location being reported by the device.

The Guard Tour feature is excellent for automating routes and ensuring that team members reach certain areas within a specific timeframe ensuring their safety and raising alerts when they fail to meet those points. For example, the Dispatch operator will be alerted when a user triggers a point of interest. Additionally, multiple routes can be configured, allowing multiple users to be assigned routes.

Active routes will be shown on each device, allowing users to see where they need to attend or check next. The route can be configured by NFC tag or GPS Location. In addition, routes can be configured to be completed in a set time and order, or a placed order or any order and any time; this gives you the flexibility to configure depending on the nature of the security.

GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles are in an instant

Talk Instantly

Communicate with team members at the push of a button.


Set up Geo Fences to get alerts when a driver enters or leave an area.

Emergency Alerts

Be alerted instantly to a team member in distress.

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