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Press-to-Talk Mining solutions

A powerful Push to Talk solution for the Mining Industry

How Can Ozitel Be Used In The Mining Industry?

Ozitel is a powerful Press-To-Talk (PTT) radio solution configurable to suit the Mining Industry.

As mobile adoption progresses, mining companies are deploying technology to empower their employees further, allowing teams to work smarter and collaborate more effectively.

Underground mines can benefit from the Ozitel PTT solution by using a Wi-Fi network or a Private LTE network within the mine to give equipment and your communication system coverage. 

Press to Talk Mining

The mining industry values key features available within the Ozitel PTT solution, including our GPS Tracking, Instant Press-To-Talk, Emergency Alerts and Guard Tour.

With features like the Guard Tour, you can monitor personnel movements between areas, as GPS would not work underground; this is achieved using the NFC Tag system. You would be able to track entry and exit times based on when a user taps a tag. Above ground, you could use the GPS based on specific locations with a given radius.

GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles are in an instant

Talk Instantly

Communicate with team members at the push of a button.


Set up Geo Fences to get alerts when a driver enters or leave an area.

Emergency Alerts

Be alerted instantly to a team member in distress.

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