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Press-To-Talk Business Solution

Powerful Press-to-Talk solution for the business sector

How Can Ozitel Be Used In Business?

Good communication is vital within any business, no matter the size. Ozitel can help ensure your team is better connected.

Ozitel is a powerful Press-To-Talk radio solution (also known as Push-to-Talk or PTT) that can improve communications within large workplaces, connect mobile workers or remote locations. It allows businesses to easily and instantly communicate with team members anywhere.

Traditionally radios can only talk on a single site, and the infrastructure has rarely been put in place to allow sites to communicate between different locations, let alone from anywhere. However, as Ozitel only needs an internet connection to operate, you can talk from any place without needing costly repeaters and dedicated hardware.

For locations with a two-way radio system, you can use a bridge to interface Ozitel to your existing system, allowing for a staggered rollout of PTT devices or allowing outside staff to contact the team using radios instantly.

What Features Will Benefit My Business?

Ozitel offers a huge number of features, many of which are well suited for use in business. For example with so many teams now operating remotely from sales to support it is often useful to know where a team member is, with GPS Tracking and the Emergency alerts a dispatch console can monitor the location while the emergency alerts can alert other team members to a colleague in distress.

GPS Tracking

Know where your vehicles are in an instant

Talk Instantly

Communicate with team members at the push of a button.


Set up Geo Fences to get alerts when a driver enters or leave an area.

Emergency Alerts

Be alerted instantly to a team member in distress.

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